Legal Tips
Provided by Carolyn Buppert, MSN, JD, ANP

Revisit an unresolved problem.

Example: A 30-year-old woman visited an NP and complained of rash on her right breast. The NP diagnosed mastitis, prescribed antibiotics, and told the patient to see a dermatologist if the symptoms did not resolve in three weeks. The patient never saw a dermatologist. The patient did return to the NP. However, on the return visits to the NP, the patient did not complain of the breast rash, and the NP did not ask about it. Ten months later, the patient returned to the NP with breast lumps. The rash was still there, but much worse. Diagnosis: Paget's disease. The patient died one year after the initial visit to the NP. The patient's family sued the NP.

The moral of the story: Revisit any problems until resolved.

Practice pointers: At each visit, review the note from the last visit and revisit the previous complaints. Better yet, maintain a problem list, and revisit each problem until resolved. When you refer a patient to a specialist, follow up to see whether the patient actually went through with the referral.

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Updated May 11, 1999


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